B2D POI 9/15/15 8:45 (2/11)

//B2D POI 9/15/15 8:45 (2/11)

B2D POI 9/15/15 8:45 (2/11)


remember to practice with both hands & in both directions/ combinations.
start all with just one poi

  1. spin on floor plane- hand still & poi head moves around
    – hand & poi head both move around a central spot
  2.  grab head of poi in one hand & hold handle in the other Рcircle in front of body on wheel plane
  3. spin around one arm, try to keep chain sraight
  4. when pinning in wall plane quickly lift hand up on the “up spin” to feel the lack of gravity
  5. stand against a wall & spin on the wall in wheel plane, imagine arm & poi head making same circle.

both poi on wall plane spinning same direction – split time and bring hands toward each other

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