b2d voi 10/6/15 (5/11)

//b2d voi 10/6/15 (5/11)

b2d voi 10/6/15 (5/11)

choreo pt 2 & 3
from turn with veil on left sholder

sweep right arm up on 8, end facing down stage right

left hip on the down (1) recover (2)
interior hip circle  l-f-r-b (&3&4)
body wave up (5&6)

step out left & barrel turn (&78)

reverse to walk around turn over right shoulder, veil at shoulder height (1,2,3,4)
left arm up, right arm up walk under veil and back around veil to front, end facing down stage right (5,6,7,8)


toss veil up & over head (&1) , step under (2,)and then pull up   (3) and pop left knee (4)
body wave up to down 2x (5,6 7,8)

step out left to headache swoosh (1-4)
to around the head – right down, left down, right across to left shoulder and left opens out (5-8)


swoop forward down to up (1,2) back and down (3,4)
big circle up & over left to right (5,6) into around the head again (7,8, 1,2) end veil front

flip up to forearms (3,4) – step under (5,6) hold (7,8)

maya with snake arms right (1,2)
maya with snake arms left (3,4)

butter fly turn over left shoulder (right down- left up, right up- left down, right down-left up, right up-left down) (5,6,7,8)
and reverse, bring left hand to left hip & open out at hip level and walk around turn over right shoulder with slow spot front (1-8)



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