B2D voi class 7:45 (4/11)

//B2D voi class 7:45 (4/11)

B2D voi class 7:45 (4/11)

Night Spirit voi choregraphy

intro to choreo

4 start on the floor- arms up
maya up (1-8)hold up

arms pull down with sound
sit down with sound
arms down to sides with sound  pull & flip veil up to chest (1-4)
up to knees on (5-8)

undo right arm (7)
toss right (1,2)
toss left (3,4)
toss right (5,6)
start to toss left but go into behind the head on the left (7,8)
behind body (1,2)
continue to front of body (&3)

flip to chest again (4)
step forward on one leg & stand up (5-8)

undo right arm (&)
toss right (1,2)
toss left (3,4)
walk around turn over right shoulder (5-8)

all end facing stage right


starting off stage

wait until melody begins
veil up behind head
walk in (1-8)
stop & veil comes down front right, around left back right &(1-4)
turn over left shoulder as left come back behind (5-8)
continue walking (1-8)
pull over head (1,2)
flip up to chest (3,4)
undo- right side (&)
turn over right shoulder (5-8)
end facing stage right




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