DC club 1/14/16

//DC club 1/14/16

DC club 1/14/16



Connective move: Turkish Shimmy


Cue out: arms up & flick wrists out (5)
cross arms to opposite shoulders (6)

Slide arms open to shoulder & cross right foot over left (7)
cross turn to face back, hands to behind the back position (8)

pull arms out & maya right (1,2)
arms keep pulling & release to sides maya left (3,4)
hips ribs head to stage left (5 & 6) arms in front of body
look over left shoulder to audience (7)
drop left shoulder & hip (8)


Tuck roll up , hold upper back up(1,2)
chest drop. lift, drop (3 & 4)
up roll down & step back on left foot (5,6)
up roll down step back on right, but don’t transfer weight (7,8)


Step out on right foot to stage right, right arm swing out with foot (1,2)
wrap arm in & cross left foot to turn (3,4)
end facing stage left body wave up to down, right foot back, arms pulls down side with wave (5,6)
Michael Jackson hop left right with body wave down 7 arm (& 7, 8)

dirty fig 8 with ¾ shimmy
(big “stripper 8”) feet open, knees bent
Left, right, left right, left (1, 2, 3,4 , 5)
arms sway with hips


Cross right foot & swing arms up (6)

Whip turn to front (7,8)



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