B2D Tues 6/14/16 Fragment Excavation (1/4)

//B2D Tues 6/14/16 Fragment Excavation (1/4)

B2D Tues 6/14/16 Fragment Excavation (1/4)



Connective move: taqsim with arm undulation


5                                 6                             7                   8

Cue: right arm push up with arm undulation, left arm push up with arm undulation




Cross step right foot over left, right arm swoops behind head comes up palm up wrist


Leading from behind head, left hand crosses body to touch at right hip


touch left foot out to left side flick right hand

3                                                                                       4

bring right hand behind head, cross left foot behind right & ½ turn to face back arms out

5               6                                               7 & 8

maya right hip, left hip step out the the right big maya pull hip. Ribs head arms spread


right & up to “break through”

1                                            2               3                     4

pull back right shoulder to look front, drop ribs, tuck pelvis, kick right foot at knee

5                                 6

step right ¾ right hip, step left ¾ left

7                   &                                 8

step back right and lift right hip, lift left hip & pull in foot, drop left hip

1               &                 2

step left behind right pose arms float out to right side

3                                                                                                  4

swoop turn right arm down left up, cross right foot over left to turn to back arms join at



5               6                                  7         &               8

pull arms down maya left, maya right, step out left big maya pull hips ribs head, arms go


out left & up to “break through”

1                                                              2                         3

step back on right look over right shoulder, in place on left, across on right flip to face


front on left (over left shoulder)

5                                           &                     6

shoulders roll back up front & down, chest lift up roll down, horizontal hip fig 8 front to

&       7     &       8

back right , left tuck roll up and back to taqsim with arm undulation

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