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B2D 6/14/16 cymbals (1/4)

intro to zills striking 3 ways to play: to tempo or beat, to the rhythm or to the step alternating 1,2    1&2&   1e&a2e&a basic 3        "I can dance"          & a 1 3 5 5             "gotta pee   gotta really pee  really really pee    &a1  &a2e&  3e&a4 3 7 3               "I like beer   I like beer that's [...]

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B2D Tues 6/14/16 Fragment Excavation (1/4)

Indi   Connective move: taqsim with arm undulation   5                                 6                             7                   8 Cue: right arm push up with arm undulation, left arm push up with arm undulation     1 Cross step right foot over left, right arm swoops behind head comes up palm up wrist   Leading from behind head, left hand crosses [...]

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DC club 1/14/16

Sassafras   Connective move: Turkish Shimmy   Cue out: arms up & flick wrists out (5) cross arms to opposite shoulders (6) Slide arms open to shoulder & cross right foot over left (7) cross turn to face back, hands to behind the back position (8) pull arms out & maya right (1,2) arms keep [...]

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B2D sword 1/12/16

planes: "wheel", "wall", "floor", "ceiling" orientation- of sword to you & sword in space know where your point it Taqsim pull shave the dancer forearm balance on left one arm barrel turns same hand escape  

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B2D veil/poi/voi 1/12/16

veil review how to hold fill with air around the head up & over (front to back and back to front) walk around spot turns- slow up & under- chest catch the "x" off the right, off the left alternating fig 8- "Be's butterfly" alternating arms up & down alternating arms up & down with [...]

2016-01-13T20:23:32+00:00January 13th, 2016|

B2D Elvish ITS 1/12/16

Intro to Fragments concept body waves seated wrist circles wrist fig 8's Slow connective moves: taqsim- traditional taqsim- 8's (left dominant, with right wrist fir 8's)rib circles (l,f,r,b) with left arm- wrist circles Maya with wrist press body wave with wrist circles      

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b2d voi 10/6/15 (5/11)

choreo pt 2 & 3 from turn with veil on left sholder sweep right arm up on 8, end facing down stage right PART 2 left hip on the down (1) recover (2) interior hip circle  l-f-r-b (&3&4) body wave up (5&6) step out left & barrel turn (&78) reverse to walk around turn over [...]

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B2D voi class 7:45 (4/11)

Night Spirit voi choregraphy intro to choreo 4 start on the floor- arms up maya up (1-8)hold up arms pull down with sound sit down with sound arms down to sides with sound  pull & flip veil up to chest (1-4) up to knees on (5-8) undo right arm (7) toss right (1,2) toss left [...]

2015-10-03T01:33:39+00:00October 3rd, 2015|

B2D POI 9/15/15 8:45 (2/11)

isolations remember to practice with both hands & in both directions/ combinations. start all with just one poi spin on floor plane- hand still & poi head moves around - hand & poi head both move around a central spot  grab head of poi in one hand & hold handle in the other - circle [...]

2015-09-16T20:35:53+00:00September 16th, 2015|

B2D 9/15/15 7:45 VOI (2/11)

remember to practice with both hands & all applicable moves in both directions :) forward circles- wheel plane backward circle- wheel plane   forward circle (down)- wall plane backwards circle (up) - wall plane   cross over- from forward circles cross over- from backwards circles   cross over from forward with a 1/2 turn cross [...]

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