How do I register?

Registering is easy:
1.) Choose if you want an in person class or if you would prefer Skype
2.) Pick the day of the week and time that work for you.
3.) You can email me back or give me a call with that information, and we will get you all set.

Also please feel free to email Bella or give her a call (202-506-4193)  if you have any further questions.


What is your contact information?

Email: bellafuse@gmail.com
Phone: 703-965-8506
Phone: 202-506-4193


What do I wear to class?

These items are perfect:
• YOGA and workout appropriate clothing.
• Hip sash
• Hip scarf
NOTE: Please, no coin sashes as the are noisy and will distract from the class.


Where are your weekend classes?

Currently all weekend classes are private and are held in DC at Bohemian Belly Dance Studio.
If additional classes are added we will announce it.

You can schedule a private by contacting Belladonna.


What to expect?

• Warm up
• Breakdown of technique
• Repetition drill to build muscle memory
• Cool down
• To have fun

Is Belladonna on Youtube?

Why, yes!
Here is the link: